Who’s Who

Deacons Board 

The deacons board is the governing board of the church

Deacons - August 2019From left to right: Ben Allen, Karen Brassett, Neville Gardner,                                          Warwick Glendenning, Brodie Vernon (Chair) and David Hutchison. 



Senior Pastor   

Will - 2015

Will Warden was inducted at Tawa Baptist in 2004 after studying theology through Carey Baptist College in Auckland. Prior to that he worked as a business manager for a community agency in Tauranga.  



Youth & Associate Pastor

Daryl - 2015

Daryl Judd was inducted at Tawa Baptist in 1995 after completing a Bachelor of Ministry through the Bible College of NZ. Prior to that he worked on a dairy farm in the Manawatu. Click here to read more about Youth Group.



Church Administrator

Debbie Underwood - March 2019

Debbie Underwood works in the church office (Tue-Fri) from 8:30am to 12:30pm. Among other things she assists with the finances, prepares the weekly newsletter, attends to a variety of administrative tasks and generally brightens the place up.   


Team Leader for Club Intermed


Daile Edmonds - 2017

Daile Edmonds is the team leader for Club Intermed, our youth group for children in Yr. 6, 7 & 8 at school.  Click here to read more about Club Intermed.


Team Leader for the Flock & BIG (Sunday School) 

Will Warden (the senior pastor pictured above) is the team leader for our Sunday morning children’s programmes (ages 3 to 13).  Click here to read more about The Flock & BIG.     


Coordinator for Doves (crèche) and Team Leader of the Prayer Ministry TeamCate Tate 2014

Catherine Tate is the coordinator of Doves our Sunday morning crèche for children under 3. Cate is also the team leader of our prayer ministry team which offers prayer for people after the Sunday morning service. She brings a variety of skills to the team – both practical and pastoral.  _____________________________________________________________