A Tale of Two Seasons: Tawa-Linden Baptist Church, 1948-2000
(David R Wood)

This two volume book is the story of a suburban church in post-war New Zealand. Written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the church’s 1952 foundation, the publication outlines the policies, practices and guiding principles of Tawa-Linden Baptist Church leadership during the latter half of the 20th Century.

The first volume is a chronological survey of the men and women who governed and managed the church – the ministers and their diaconates and service leaders. Volume 2 is thematic: examining seven primary ministries associated with church leadership – preaching and teaching, music and worship, evangelism, community services, overseas mission, property development and finance.

The book includes recollections from members, associates and the church records during that period.

Copies can be purchased for a cost of $45 + postage (includes GST) from the Tawa Baptist Church office, 225 Main Road, Tawa. Ph: (04)232-6769. email: tawabaptist@paradise.net.nz