Title: Time



  • Introduction
  • Time is a gift
  • Time has a purpose
  • Conclusion – reflection stations



With today being the start of daylight savings the theme of our all-age service this morning is time

–         There’s two things I want to say about time

–         Firstly, that time is one of God’s gifts to us

–         And secondly, that time has a purpose or a goal


Time is a gift:

We often hear it said that ‘time is money’

–         This is wrong in that it leads us to think we somehow earn time by working

–         The truth is: time is not money – time is a gift from God

–         We don’t do anything to earn time, we receive it freely

–         We don’t all get the same amount of time and none us knows when our time will run out – so we need to make the most of each day


Time is God’s gift to us and it’s a multifaceted gift


On the wall here is a picture of a Swiss Army knife

–         A Swiss Army knife has a range of different uses

–         It can be used as a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, tweezers, a tooth pick, a cork screw and so on


In God’s hands, time is a bit like a Swiss Army knife

–         God uses time in a whole variety of ways to accomplish his purpose


For example, we are not born fully developed – God gives us time to grow and to learn

–         When we are sick or hurt in some way, God uses time to heal us

–         Or, if we have suffered some kind of loss then God gives us time to grieve and accept our loss

–         When we pray God gives us time by listening to us

–         And when we are tired God gives us time to rest

–         When we make a mistake or get off track God waits for us – he gives us time to come to our senses and return to him

–         God uses time to achieve his purpose with us and for us


God is generous in giving us time

–         When someone is generous in giving us time we call that patience

–         God is patient with us


Time is God’s gift to us and time has a purpose, an end goal


Time has a purpose:

We might think of time sort of like a wheel on a bicycle

–         Like a wheel, time goes round and round in circles but always moving the bicycle forward toward a destination


We see the cyclical nature of time in the days, the months & seasons of the year

–         The sun rises, it’s day time, the sun sets and it’s night time, then the sun rises again and sets and so on

–         Summer follows spring and autumn follows summer and winter follows autumn and then we are into spring again and so the cycle goes

–         In the ancient world, in which the Bible was written, the year was structured around the annual cycle of farming:

–         Planting, growing and harvesting crops


Like a wheel on a bicycle God uses time to bring things to fulfilment


Fulfilment is a word which means to complete, to make perfect or whole

–         A bicycle fulfils its purpose when it gets its rider to her destination

–         A seed fulfils its purpose when it grows into a tree and bears fruit

–         A caterpillar fulfils its purpose when it becomes a butterfly

–         Wisdom fulfils its purpose when justice is done

–         Medicine fulfils its purpose when a person is made well

–         Guilt fulfils its purpose when the wrong doer repents

–         Grief fulfils its purpose when we make peace with our loss

–         The law fulfils its purpose when we love God and our neighbour

–         We human beings fulfil our purpose when we become like Jesus


The point is God uses time to fulfil the purpose of things

–         Whether it’s a seed or a caterpillar or a human being, God uses time to make his creation complete, perfect and whole


What about time itself – what is the fulfilment of time?

–         Well, eternity is the fulfilment of time

–         Eternity is time made complete, time made perfect and whole



Time is God’s gift to us and time has a purpose