A Rabbi looks at Jesus of Nazareth

A Rabbi looks at Jesus of Nazareth by Jonathon Bernis        (Chosen 2011)

Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah, something Jonathan Bernis is trying to change.

Raised in a traditional Jewish family, Bernis became a Rabbi, but through his study of the Tanakh (Old Testament), became convinced that Jesus Christ really was the Jewish Messiah. Using a clear writing style that can be easily understood by anyone from teenagers on up, Bernis explains Christianity’s essentially Jewish nature and how the New Testament is a very Jewish document, how the Gospels and Tanakh are linked and how prophesies concerning the Messiah clearly point to Jesus.

Intended for general readers and those with Jewish backgrounds, this book makes a powerful case that Yeshua (Jesus) was and is the Messiah that the Jews have been seeking.